Maploxa, the Calling Mermaid

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Maploxa, the Calling Mermaid

Post by Helyous on Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:07 pm

Name: Maploxa
Title: The Calling Mermaid
Element: Water
Hair: a brunette curly hair, a bit long
Height: 1,67m
Weight: she completely refused to reveal, but let's say she is not slim neither fat
Face: she have a cute face, her eyes are small but happy, her chicks are round and red, her mouth is small and she has a snub nose.
Original Name: Paloma
Homeworld: Atlantica
How she lost her heart: She used to play her clam shell all alone at the top of a rock in the surface of the water, one day when completely distracted by her own song a very nimble and swift Screwdiver Heartless drops over her, she tries to defend herself and started to hit in the head of the heartless with the shell, but evnetualy the heartless ATE the shell's heart what mad eit become a heartless, only a Shadow type, but, surrounded by two heartless, one in the water and other in the land, she eventually lost her heart. What is more interesting is that all the tenderness that she had with the shell made it develop a heart, and once it lost it, the shell became a Nobody with her, only because of all the wish it had ot stay with its true owner. Since it doesn't have a mind, it is what Vexen called an "unnanimated nobody", anobody born form the heart of anything that wasn't an laive being. Since them Vexen made a theory that The World that Never Was is in the end a nobody of all the worlds whose heart was caught by the darkness.
Fighting Style: She doesn't like to battleon her own, and she is very weak actually in the control of water, so she developed a kind of fight totally diferent form anything, the Noody Summoning, by playing her Flute Clam Shell she can summon the nobodies from her army the "Siren Nobody", a new kind of nobody made from the bodies of merfolks from atlantica. They have an humanoid body, but the lower part of it is a fish tail and the fin form the tail is shaped like the "cross" from the nobody emblem. They bear a nobody emblem were the face should be, they bear a woman upper body and a long hair, their color theme is blue and light purple.
Okay... I don't wanna fight but if that's how it's supposed to be I have no choice!
Feel the rage of the Calling Mermaid, come forth Sirens! (them she plays her shell)
Oh... Ah... You... You defeated me, I guess my beauty... Won' be revived twice.... Kyaaaaaaa...
Even being a mermaid as hearted and having the title of "Calling Mermaid" she doesn't have a fish tail lower body but human legs instead, maybe because a nobody is more powerful by how much more it resambles a human.


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