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the WEIRDIEST member

Post by Helyous on Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:19 am

All the embmers of the organizaiton were already in their thrones Were Nothing Gathers. The only ones that weren't there were Xemnas and Zexion. Actually they were talking in the corridor, Zexion oddly were showing aner and a bit desperate in his voice.
-...But Xemnas, I understand that one of the reasons of the Organization to exist is to shelter human nobodies around the worlds but... He seems to have lost not only the heart but the mind aswell!
-And is that a problem to you?
-Huh!? Of... Of course, he is a risk ot us all, din't you see what he done in Twilight Town!?
-What are you saying? You sealed a tenth of people inside your Lexicon when you awake as a nobody in Hollow Bastion!
-Yes but I already have conscience of what to do and what I should not do!
-And soon he will have aswell.
-I'm not sure, I acutally...
-ENOUGH! You are the Cloaked Schemer, your job is to gather information, what is done with it is none of your business, now we have a nobody to introduce.
-But Xem...
-I said ENOUGH!
Xemnas open a Gate to the Darkness and travel into Were Nothing Gathers, Zexion do the same imediately.
Once both of them find themselves inside the room Xemnas take the word and start talking:
-Well my Organization, now we have a new member, he seems to have a lot of potential, and he is called "Helyoux"!
A gate to the darkness opens. A very slow and fading one... Them a huge amount of water start to invade Were Nothing Gathers, a lot of fishes and Heartless fish-like start to come from the Gate aswell. Zexion thinks to himself "Damn you Helyoux, I can't believe you opened a gate inside of Atlantica, and UNDER WATER!"
After the room become a huge pool, finally a man appears. He seemed to be a bit short, he had spyke black hair with a white highlight, he used glasses and hab the nobody emblem around an eye.
-GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS NOBODIES BROTHERS! I AM ONE OF YOU, HELYOUX THE ILLOGICAL ACADEMIC! Oh my... Don't you think that this isn't the best place to make a pool?
Zexion hits his own face with the hand, Larxene thinks he is funny, Marluxia thinks he is cute and the only thing Axle sayid was:
-Oh great, after Zexion and Vexen we got one more nerdy weirdo...
Vexen stares at him with the eyes burning in hate. And all that the Organization though was "Why the hell Xemnas let that crazy guy join us?", well... they din't knew the plans Xemnas were keeping for them...


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