Helyoux the Illogical Mathemathician

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Helyoux the Illogical Mathemathician

Post by Helyous on Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:52 am

Name of the Nobody: Helyoux
Title: The Illogical Mathemathician
Rank: XXII
Element: Non-Elemental (Numbers)
*Hair: Spiked to the top with a short ponytail in the back, his hair is black with a white highlight over the forehead
*Height: 1,75m
*Weight: 68Kg
*Face: He have a thin face, uses glasses tht most part of the time shine in white and his left eye is rounded by a silver Nobody emblem
Weapon of Choice: The Pole-Staff that he calls "The Aknowledgement Staff", it is a staff with the "cross" of the nobody emblem in a side and the "heart shape" of the eblem inthe other, the color is the silver, and the detials are white.
Personality: Definitely dement and insane, he is completely crazy, talks to him self and laughs about everything but before anything he is a genius, he can make any theory about anything. The only reason for the Organization accepting someone so mentally sick like him was because his knowledge would be useful.
Original Name: Helyous Apollus
Homeworld: Twilight Town
How he lost his heart: His heart were actually close to be lost to the darkness beacuse of his mental health due to a cancer that he got, he used ot teach math to kids in Twilight Town, the only thing that he used ot make as a reaosn to live was his daugher, Iris, whose voice were so beatiful that anyone who hears hear would say that she is an mermaid singing. One day, a bunch of nobodies run into his house, and devour his daugher heart, turning her into a Yellow Opera (even as a nobody her voice weren't forgetten). In a conflict of emotions, wanting to die and wanting to avenge her daugher, Helyous take a broom stick that were wandeirng in the floor and jump over the nobodies trying to destroy them. It was the last time his mind worked correctly. The Iris Yellow Opera eats his heart but all that fury and revenge lust makes his body turn into a nobody. But the nobody nature were a bit altered, in place of no emotions it was ONLY emotions making him crazy, completely crazy. Because of his last act as a human, the memories of his fight create the weapon of choice of him, the pole staff. IN the fight he got a scar in the eye what were covered witha silver nobody emblem.
Fighting Style: He fights in two ways, the Academical Way and the Madness Way;
In the academical way he uses a kind of magic that he created, the "numerology", baseing in numbers he can deal damage, like multiplying his enemy height by the weight would create a X numbe rof megatons of explosions... But the favorite magic he have is the "Double Trouble Bubble", he writes a number 1 in the sand and with magic it gets alive, them it explodes and become a 2, them it explodes with the double of the strenght and becomes a 4, them again t explodes and become a 8 and so on...
In the Madness Way he is pure instinct, he takes his staff and goes to the melee fighitng, losing completely the sens eof when to stop. He doesn't feel pain, fear... Only rage, its when the memories of his last momment emerges...
"Hyhahahahaha... You wanna fight me eh? Haha the success probality is 0%, I've calculated it!"
"People calls me mad, only because I'm illogical... Hahaha they don't know how wrong they are, In the illogicla lies the most pre of the logics! Hahahahahaha!!!"
"Oh damn you your bastard, you don't see how beatiful the numbers are...? Now... I'm fading eh he... Me... Trying to become a hero... And all I'm gonna become... Is a zero... He he... Hahahaha..."
Trivia: When he introduces himself in the room Where Nothing Gathers Axel says ot himself a bit too loud "Oh dammit, another nerdy weirdo..." both Zexion and Vexen stare at him, Zexion ith disgustness and Vexen with hate. Helyoux laughs at their reactions. (But at what he doesn't laugh?)


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